Serving to the needs of Shipping, Oil & Gas and Aviation industries.!

Our Serivces// We serve shipping, oil & gas and aviation industries.

Oil Pump Refurbishment

Diesel Generator

Turbo Charger Overhauling

Alternator Repair at Anchorage

Repairing of Anchor Windlass

Overhauling Aframax Tanker

Hydraulic Cylinder Removal

Engine Refurbishment

Boring of Rudder

Air Compressor

Winch Gear Box

Bunkering Equipment

Flexible Coupling

Fukushima Hydraulic Motor

Crane Hydraulic Cylinder

Planetary Gear-box

Pump Housing Reconditioning

Reconditioning IGS

Screw Pump

Sea Water Pump

Horizontal Boring Machine

Conventional Milling Machine

Conventional Lathe 1Mtr

Conventional 2 Mtr Lathe

Horizontal Boring Machine

Drilling machine



Side Shell Repair

Steel Retrofitting

Steel Retrofitting at Anchorage

Side Shell Repair with Hanging

Stainless steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel Impeller

Stainless steel conveyor

Penetrant Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

Cast Iron Cooler cover

Cast Iron casting

Stainless Steel Impeller

Aul Bronze

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