Maritime Patch Panel 24

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Patchpanel with 24 ports for installation onboard ships and sea moveable constructions .

This panel is suitable for 24 LANmark-7 GG45 snap in connectors. It enable a secure and vibration proofed mount of up to 24 LANmark-7 GG45 connectors. The panel can be slided out for an easy termination of the connectors and easy add-ons and/or maintenance.

Critical part such as the fastening mechanism for the connectors and the Clip-on mechanism for grounding and strain relief are made of stainless steel. The body of the panel is made of high gauge treated metal.

The patch panel is designed for any 19" cabinet and have 1 HU height.


Martitime Patchpanel


• clip on mechanism : enhanced strain relief , earthing and grounding features with Nexans exclusive design.
• Extra tightening mechanism for the snap-ins for vibrations resistance
• 24 ports
• strong metalwork.
• printed numbering system.




• Height : 1HU
• Width : 19"
• Depth : 180mm
This product has been installed on numerous vessels and is recognised for
its accessibility and reliability.

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